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As travel restrictions persist, Brittany Ferries extends suspension of some services
17th February 2021

“We had hoped for a return to service for all our routes in mid-March, but the reality is that most people are simply unable to travel at this time, " said CEO Christophe Mathieu. "Booking levels are extremely low and we are relying on loans to carry us through this difficult period. It is therefore simply not viable to run loss-making routes at this time.”

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Brittany Ferries moves to reassure holiday makers visiting Brittany
17th July 2020

Brittany Ferries is reassuring visitors to north west France today, following reports of a virus spike in the Brittany region. Public Health France (Santé Publique France) has made clear to media that the situation is not alarming and that circulation of the virus remains weak, despite an increase in the reproduction rate.

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