Brittany Ferries urges French government to drop reciprocal quarantine plans

16th August 2020

French ferry firm Brittany Ferries says it is lobbying French government at the highest levels to avoid the implementation of reciprocal quarantine measures. In a normal year the company carries about 2.6 million customers, of which 85 percent are British. Any move that might dissuade more Brits to cancel their travel plans would hurt Brittany Ferries and the regions it serves, particularly the tourism sector in Brittany and Normandy.

“This has already been a disastrous summer season for us and all the businesses in north west France that rely on the friendly British invasion each summer,” said Christophe Mathieu director general Brittany Ferries. “It is why we are lobbying hard with our regional colleagues for government to drop reciprocal quarantine plans. If such measures are implemented it would be an exercise in self-harm for France plc, damaging our business, as well as those of thousands of others in the regions we serve.”

Brittany Ferries says that, despite quarantine restrictions, many of those that can travel are making an informed decision to do so. The company has continued to serve Spanish destinations through quarantine over the last three weeks. In that time only 1 in 5 customers has chosen to either cancel or change their holiday plans. Brittany Ferries says travellers are now aware of Covid-19 risks and are better able to make informed decisions about mitigating against them at home or abroad.

Further obstacles would only serve to dissuade many of those who could travel from doing so.

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