Brittany Ferries moves to reassure holiday makers visiting Brittany

17th July 2020

Brittany Ferries is reassuring visitors to north west France today, following reports of a virus spike in the Brittany region. Public Health France (Santé Publique France) has made clear to media that the situation is not alarming and that circulation of the virus remains weak, despite an increase in the reproduction rate.

To reassure passengers, Brittany Ferries has also pointed out that the incidence of Coronavirus is significantly lower in every department of Brittany, compared with the UK.

According to SpF data, Finistère has the highest incidence rate in Brittany with 5.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, compared with 2.6 in Ille-et-Vilaine, 1.9 in Côtes-d’Armor, and 0.79 in Morbihan. That compares with a rate of 449 per 100,000 inhabitants for England as a whole and 230 and 377 for the South West and South East of England respectively.


“We’d like to reassure all holiday makers visiting the Brittany region in the next few weeks,” said a spokesman for the company. “Public Health France has made it clear that this is not an alarming situation and that steps will be taken to deal with small, localised outbreaks. In the context of the rate of infection, Brittany’s cases remain significantly lower than in the UK. Of course we should all be cautious, and follow advice both locally and nationally. However holiday makers should continue to visit and enjoy this beautiful region of France with confidence.”


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