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Salamanca sails the Suez Canal then heads to Spain
30th December 2021

Salamanca will arrive at the port of Suez, at the southern end of the canal on New Year’s Day 2022, before entering the canal a day later.  This follows a 7,529-nautical mile journey from China crossing the Yellow Sea, East China Sea, South China Sea and Indian Ocean.

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LNG bunker terminal construction begins in Bilbao
21st September 2021

Brittany Ferries welcomes the start of construction of LNG bunker facilities in Bilbao. Fuel giant Repsol has confirmed the news which paves the way for the arrival of Brittany Ferries’ first LNG powered-ship Salamanca. Work on the bunker terminal be completed in the first half of next year, coinciding with the ship’s arrival.

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Brittany Ferries et CMA CGM concluent un partenariat alliant transport de passagers et de fret
14th September 2021

À l’occasion des Assises de l’économie de la mer, plus importante réunion annuelle du monde maritime français, Brittany Ferries, premier armateur maritime transbordeur sous pavillon français, et le Groupe CMA CGM, un leader mondial du transport maritime et de la logistique, annoncent la signature d’un accord d’investissement de CMA CGM dans Brittany Ferries d’un montant de 25 millions d’euros, dont 10 millions d’euros en quasi-fonds propres. À travers cet accord, CMA CGM souhaite accompagner le redressement de Brittany Ferries à la suite de la crise de la COVID-19.

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Brittany Ferries and CMA CGM form a partnership in passenger and freight transport.
14th September 2021

On the occasion of the Assises de l’économie de la mer event, the largest annual meeting of participants in France’s sea economy, Brittany Ferries, the largest ferry company operating under the French flag, and the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, announced that CMA CGM has agreed to make a €25 million investment in Brittany Ferries, including €10 million in quasi-equity. Through this agreement, CMA CGM is seeking to support Brittany Ferries’ post-Covid-19 recovery.

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Two new hybrid ships for Brittany Ferries’ UK-France operations
21st July 2021

Two new hybrid LNG-electric ships are coming to the Brittany Ferries fleet. They will arrive in 2024/2025 to serve routes connecting Portsmouth with St Malo and Caen. As well as significantly cutting emissions, the hybrids will deliver less noise, less vibration for passengers and a step towards future-proofing the company.

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