Port fees admin goes paper-free thanks to partnership between Brittany Ferries and HAROPA – Port of Le Havre

2nd May 2018

2nd May 2018

Since the beginning of the year, paper has totally disappeared from communications between Brittany Ferries, HAROPA-Port of Le Havre, and the Regional Customs Department of Le Havre. The reporting process for port fees is now totally electronic.

From now on, the information needed to calculate the port fees due by Brittany Ferries flows directly from the ferry company’s information systems to S-Wing, the electronic portal of the port of Le Havre. Brittany Ferries’ IT systems automatically transmit all the information required to calculate port charges to the software package. The fee amount is then calculated by S-WiNG and fed back to the ferry company to be input into its accounting system. The information is also sent to the Regional Customs Department in order to produce the registration documentation needed for the recovery process on behalf of the port authority.

Saving time, while boosting fluidity and security, this pilot project aligns fully with the logic of the European Directive 2010/651 relating to the implementation of a single port e-portal, and constitutes a leap forward in the exchange of information.

For the record, since 2014 Brittany Ferries has been undertaking a major digital transformation project. Together with several ports, including HAROPA-Port of Le Havre, the company requested European funds from the Connecting Europe Facility programme (CEF)2 in order to set up the project. The co-financing granted to Brittany Ferries by the European Commission has made it possible to cover the development costs borne by the ports for the implementation of the paperless port dues recovery declaration process.

The next step will be to extend the system to the exchange of freight transport data (particularly e-Manifest and e-CMR).




Press contacts

Brittany Ferries: Claude Pengam: +33 (0)6 51 64 96 52 – [email protected]

HAROPA-Port of Le Havre: Marie Lucile Roques +33 (0)2 32 74 74 75 – [email protected]


1Directive n°2010/65/EU of 20/10/10 on reporting formalities for ships entering and/or leaving ports of Member States

2Programme to finance infrastructure projects in the transport, energy and telecommunications sectors




Co-financed by the Connecting Europe

Facility of the European Union


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