Brittany Ferries Galicia – press pack

27th November 2020
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With a length of 215 metres, hosting 3,000 lane metres of garage space, each weighs around 42,200 tonnes, making them among the largest in the Company’s fleet. Galicia’s arrival is a fine counterpoint to the Covid crisis. And a good news story for the company, stakeholders and its customers.

“The renewal and modernisation of our fleet is an integral part of our five-year recovery plan,” said Christophe Mathieu, company CEO speaking in late 2020. “Galicia is the result of an order placed in a very different times than we face today.”

Galicia will serve routes connecting the UK with Spain and France. She will offer passengers a truly immersive and relaxing experience prior to their stay in Spain, a voyage presenting discovery and hidden gems, but also the chance to switch off, relax and unwind.

Eco-responsibility has been at the heart of design plans: its sleek hull is the latest in efficient design, while its size allows Brittany Ferries to carry more passengers and freight while consuming less fuel, thereby emitting less CO2 per passenger (see page 12 for more).

“Our customers expect modern, comfortable and environmentally friendly ships,” added Christophe Mathieu. “We can only achieve these goals with new and innovative vessels. The Galicia is a testament to our confidence in the future and our ability to meet the demands of our passenger and freight customers in the decades to come.”

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